Who we work with


Working with us on-board, you’ll have someone who has been on the journey from start-up to exit and is therefore familiar with the opportunities and pitfalls. We will help you realise the vision you have for your business acting as finance expert, trusted advisor, business coach and confidant.


Achieving above average investment returns whilst managing risk is essential to your success as an investor. Our range of pre and post deal support services covering Finance due diligence, post invest planning and acting as a Finance operating partner to help portfolio companies can help reduce risk and improve execution

Overseas Parent Co’s

International expansion presents a tremendous opportunity as well as a significant demand on your in-house resources. We will help you navigate an unfamiliar business environment and ensure you maximise the potential whilst managing risk. Our operational support will help your local management focus on driving top line growth.


Devising and implementing a strategy for maximizing shareholder value will be a key objective and we can help a range of services that cover Business as Usual (BAU) as well as special projects. Our services cover flexible CFO, outsourced support function as well special projects covering restructuring/turnaround or business transformation.


To help you succeed as a CFO by supporting you with an outsourced Finance and HR department that will work seamlessly with you. Helping you with business as usual processes as well as special projects will allow you to focus on the strategic issues that will drive your business forward.

C Suite Executives

As a senior executive in the technology sector you’ll be keen to develop your career, hone your technical skills and enhance your professional reputation. By connecting with us you’ll have the potential to work on an interim/part-time basis on special projects as well as be considered for senior leadership opportunities that arise within our network.

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